Which Is Better: Pre-Made Or Bespoke Shoes?

Bespoke Shoes

Bespoke shoes are crafted according to an individual’s specific measurements and preferences. The shoes are completely handcrafted and usually fit their owners perfectly. Likewise, certain types of constructions are almost completely reserved for bespoke shoes while the materials used are often the finest and most durable. As a result, the production of bespoke shoes in Singapore requires more man hours, translating into higher costs. On the other hand, pre-made shoes are typically mass-produced according to standard sizes and without direct input or control from users. And while some pre-made shoes are partially handcrafted, most of the production processes are machine-based and require fewer man hours. In fact, because of the bulk production of most pre-made shoes, the cost difference between bespoke and pre-made shoes is staggeringly huge, with most bespoke shoes costing more than twice the cost of similar pre-made shoes.

So, which is better?

When it comes to buying your next pair of shoes, whether to go pre-made or bespoke is an intriguing question whose answer depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend and how much you are informed about what you really want. After all, you can have shoes individually tailored to your feet for as low as $500 or use as much as $3500 to buy a pre-made pair off the rack. But what should you do if you have say $2000 to spend on your next pair of shoes? Will pre-made shoes deliver the same degree of comfort, fit and durability as bespoke shoes? Will pre-made shoes offer you better value than bespoke shoes?

Research before Ordering

Both the pre-made and bespoke shoes markets have some of the best suiting products for different users. The real problems however are the existence of very poorly-made shoes in the marketplace at price points they do not deserve and the impulse buying by many consumers without considering whether they are buying the right shoes of fitting sizes and of the right materials. But if you can take some time to think about what you need and what you will wear in the long-term then it is possible to go for quality rather than quantity.

Bespoke Shoes

Bespoke shoes, by its definition, are shoes designed for your exact foot shape and size. The shoes should be configured for perfect fit and comfort, while simultaneously improving your balance, flexibility and quality of movement. Additionally, you are far less likely to appear in a meeting and find a colleague wearing the exact same pair of shoes as you. But for true personalization to be realized, the cobbler must have adequate experience in crafting that style of shoes. If the measurements are not done accurately or the cobbler is not adequately skilled, the resulting shoes may be something worse than pre-made off-the-rack shoes. Worse still, the resulting shoes may require significant alteration, at your own expense.

Therefore, before deciding whether bespoke shoes is the route to go, you will need to conduct proper research to find a cobbler with a high-level of measurement expertise, outstanding construction technique, vast experience handling your preferred style of shoes, and providing follow-up consultation to ensure that necessary adjustments are made in order to deliver perfect fit. Indeed, pre-made or bespoke shoes are only as good as skill and service of the manufacturer.

Bespoke Shoes

Material and Fit

While shoes can be of different colors, weight, composition, texture and shape, there are two major factors that make the best shoes, whether pre-made or bespoke. One is the right material and the other is the fit. If you do not choose the right quality of leather, then a perfect fit will only do so much, and vice-versa. Individuals who know how to pick out top-notch leather can buy superb pre-made shoes while those who do not know what makes a good material will not achieve much even when they go bespoke. Similarly, a cobbler must have a deft hand, keen eye and profound understanding of shape, cut, fabric and construction in order to produce great shoes, whether pre-made or bespoke.


Buying pre-made shoes is quite convenient to many people. You can simply walk into a store on your way home and walk out 15 minutes later with your perfect pair of shoes. However, this requires that you have a standard foot size that fits within the pre-made size paradigms and have uniformly proportioned feet without significant bulges or problematic foot condition. For those with painful foot conditions or those who find it extremely difficult to get perfectly fitting pre-made shoes, it may be more convenient to go for bespoke shoes from Singapore as you will not experience the frustration of moving from store to store to find the right pair of shoes.


Bespoke shoes from Singapore are made according to the user’s tastes and preferences. When created by a skilled cobbler, the shoes will not only stand out but will also offer amazing durability, perfect fit and comfort. Bespoke shoes are also great for those with problematic foot conditions. Nevertheless, because of the staggeringly high cost of bespoke shoes and the fact that a person who conducts thorough research for best quality pre-made shoes can also find a superb pair, the right option really depends on a person’s budget, sense of taste and need for special customizations.