What to know about Minecraft

Minecraft is an extensive open world game where you can face monsters, make tools or artifacts (“crafting” things) and create your own world. It owns one of the largest communities in the field of video games and has revolutionized the independent gaming industry. It comes with a tutorial, and the learning process is often a bit complicated, making it one of the most popular stand-alone games of the decade. Continue reading this article to get started in Minecraft. This guide focuses on Minecraft versions for both computer and Mac, especially those related to Minecraft p e gratis. While some aspects of the guide may apply to the Xbox 360, PlayStation and PocketEdition versions, not all steps will be the same.

Step 1

Set the game mode and options

When you start the game, you will have to choose between playing alone or in multiplayer. If you choose the second option, you play with other people through the servers of Minecraft, while in the first, obviously play alone. If you play the free version of Minecraft, multiplayer mode will not be available. You also need to define the main settings, including sound and difficulty, among others.

The difficulty setting determines whether monsters (also called “mobs”) will appear at night or underground. This configuration is specific to each world, so it could vary depending on the map. For example, the “Pacific” difficulty (for beginners) will prevent hostile mobs from appearing, while the “Easy” difficulty will allow a reduced appearance of them and Difficult will make them appear massively. The level of damage produced by each mob will also vary depending on the difficulty. For example, in “Hard” mode, zombies, which are hostile creatures, can destroy wooden doors and kill you!

Step 2

Choose your game mode

If you play alone, you need to create a world that can be inhabited by your character. When you create this world, you will need to choose a game mode, as this will affect how the world works. This makes the game easier or harder to play. The available game modes are:

Survival: When you play survival mode, you will have enough familiar elements from other games. Health bars, hunger, armor and oxygen will appear (when you’re swimming), just like your inventory. You will need to collect different materials, whether working in mines or by other means, to manufacture things. You will also gain experience points.

Creative: In this mode, you will have unlimited access to the materials and you will not have to worry about your level of health or hunger. You can also fly.

Extreme (Hardcore): This mode is the same as Survival, except it permanently blocks the world created in Difficult difficulty and your world will be erased forever if you die. So, be careful! (In Computer Update 1.9, you’ll be stuck in viewer mode after you die).

In the option of the additional chest, a chest containing wood, tools and food will appear. This will appear near your point of appearance with 0 to 4 torches around. This option is useful for new players.

Step 3

Set your world

This menu allows you to better control the world you are about to create. You can introduce a “seed” (code composed of characters and numbers that generates a world), activate tricks, and configure the world, among others.