Ute Trays—The Next Step to Customisation

Ute Trays

The awakening of the utility vehicle (also known as ute) industry has answered the prayers of many who needed to use their vehicles differently. Although for a while, having that beautiful and spacious box at the back of your car was a blessing and it seemed sufficient, soon it became clear to you that you needed some more space. Of course, you can try to use roof racks and ladder racks, which fulfill their purpose, but nothing compares with having a custom made ute tray.

If you are thinking that it’s just a platform mounted onto the back of your ute, you are completely wrong. Ute trays are far more sophisticated than that. These are some features you can ask for when buying your ute tray.

Racks, Rails And Protectors

  • Rear Rack: You can have a removable rear rack, some come with supports so that the cargo does not slip away.
  • Head Board: Like in the case of the rear rack, you can have a head board rack and add a mesh to protect your back window.
  • Tail Light Guard: This will prevent changing your tail light as often due to not seeing that low wall.
  • Rope Rails: The “Quick Hitch” Rope Rail allows for loads to be secured faster, as the ropes only have to pass through the center of the rail once.
  • Mudguard: Nowadays, most manufacturers use a modified polypropylene rubber for the mudguards. The advantage is that it has a brilliant “memory” so even if it gets deformed while driving, this mudguard will always go back to its original shape. Even if you live in a really cold area, they are made to resist sub-zero temperatures.
  • Front Step: This is a very practical add-on to your ute tray. It allows you to climb easily onto the tray or to tie things up while loading.

Boxes & Tanks

  • Water Tank: It is always handy to carry some water with you. Tanks vary in capacity but most will easily carry 25 l. as standard.
  • Toolbox: As with the water tank, many ute trays come equipped with a toolbox to make sure you always have the tools you need when you need them.

Cargo Deck

  • General or Heavy-Duty: Usually you can design the architecture of your deck to stand heavy-duty work. In this case it will feature an additional rib to supply the extra strength you need.
  • Rubber Mat: This comes very handy when you want to avoid slippery accidents. Mats differ from company to company but they will give you good grip whenever you step on the tray.
  • Restraint Points: Some ute trays can be equipped with restraint points inside the tray, the advantage is that it allows you to apply a higher down force to the load to prevent it from moving around in your tray.

As you can see, ute trays can satisfy a wider range of transport needs than the standard ute does, transforming your ute into its better self. There are many options for your ute tray, so just make sure of what you need and visit any ute tray manufacturer. We are selling various types of UTE trays. Please visit our collection here http://accessoryworld.com.au/