Urban Legends about too much alcohol and hangovers!

1. Hangovers are just part of the fun – WRONG

After knocking your body around and playing games with your brain, apart from the throbbing head, fatigue,dehydration and vomiting you have also weakened your immune system and that flu you are now enjoying is really no

2. Only Binge Drinkers Get Hangovers – WRONG
Even just a couple of drinks can have you feeling down, dehydrated and having that wonderful heavy head feeling in the morning….and women will feel the effects faster than men. Drink water and non-alcoholic drinks during your party…it really will help.

3. Wine is the best thing to drink – WRONG
The tannin in red wine is enough to trigger a headache for some of us. The best choices (if you must ovr indulge) are the clear spirits like Vodka and Gin.

4. Eating Pasta before bed is good for relieving headaches – WRONG
Eating anything once you have been drinking will not help…eating BEFORE drinking will. The one thing that will help – drink water before sleep to fight dehydration.

5. Taking Pain Relief Medication before bed will help – WRONG
Paracetamol and Panadol do their best work over about four hours. If you sleep for five hours they may have eased the problem while you were asleep….but now when you wake. In the morning when you wake is the best time. But as a warning, some of these medications with alcohol use could harm your liver.

6. Alcohol helps you sleep – WRONG
While one drink before sleep may help you slide off into the realms of Morpheus, too much will keep you out of REM sleep and you will wake up to early without feeling the benefit of the rest you just had.

As with many things…a lilttle is good for you…a lot IS NOT. But if you do enjoy a glass of wine in the
evening or when out with friends…here is something that you should keep handy.

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