Top Tips to Conduct Switchboard Upgrade of Your Home

If you are living in an old house, it is important to change the electrical fittings periodically to ensure safety for the members of the home. You can install the branded sockets. However, they are prone to wear and tear due to long-term usage. Many electrical contractors can perform the task. However, you can complete the task on your own to get the desired results. A defective switch can cause electric shocks and injuries to the users. 

Analyze the condition of the fuse

In order to conduct switchboard upgrade, you should check whether the sockets are safe. In some instances, they tend to overheat or frequently trip within a short time frame. Old sockets and plugs are not able to support new appliances such as air conditioners and pool pumps. People using the old porcelain fuse box should ensure that the old ones are replaced as soon as possible. It is important to include circuit breakers into the electric mix. 

Replacement of the fuse box

Fuses box varies from one home to another. Therefore, prior to installing the new box, it is vital to bear few things in mind. In order to change a conventional old box into a new one, it requires at least 4 hours. If the house is more than 25 years old, it is vital to upgrade the main power supply to meet the increased power demand. In such cases, upgrading the cable may take about 8 hours for the users.

In olden times, the fuse boxes were situated at varied locations across the property and it was difficult to identify the defects. In the present scenario, the legal rules make it imperative for the homeowners to install the fuse box at a particular location.

If you are not following the rule of the local authorities, make sure to relocate the box at least 2 meters from the ground. In addition, it should not be too far from the house so that the local meter readers easily access the device. 

Turn off electricity

Before carrying out the replacement work, it is vital to switchboard upgrade off the electricity. If the outlet is not functioning properly and you are not sure about the reason, it is better to block the flow of electricity from the main outlet.

Light fixtures are available on the lower value amp circuit breakers. If you leave the light fixtures, it can provide better lighting to work on both the plugs and switches. 

Remove the outlet

Remove the outlet in a sequential manner to avoid the confusion of wiring. It is important to create a detailed diagram of the electrical circuit of the house to conduct the replacement process.

Find the screws located at the top and bottom to hold the switch to the electrical box. Slowly remove the screws and the switch is pulled out without any problem.

You should label the wires for quick identification to avoid any problem. Black or red wire is connected to the shorter plug slots with gold colored screws.

Neutral or white wires are connected to the green ground screws that are attached to the mounting brackets.

Loosen the screws located on the new electrical outlets to hold the wires. It is vital to use the screwdriver to open the screws in order to pull the wires.

The wires are connected without touching the plastic edges and breaking the wire tips. After replacing the switch, one can tighten the screws to keep a firm grip on the outlet. After the completion of the process, it is important to push the electrical outlet back into the electric box.