Top POS Software Singapore Small Businesses Use to Grow Their Businesses

POS software Singapores

If you run a small business in Singapore, there are a few POS software Singapore businessmen use to grow their businesses. There are those you can download for free and those that require you spend a few dollars to enjoy their services. Most of them are cheap and will reduce the cost of doing business by a big margin. The latest systems are cloud based and convenient to use. Available also are the POS systems that can be run on mobile devices and offer unique value to small businesses. This article looks at the top POS designed with features that are suitable for both small businesses. 

POS software Singapores

Why You Need Point Of Sale Software

The point of sale software is meant to help you make payments to your customers and solve inventory problems. It can help in handling all accounting duties as long as you get the right point of sale software. Note that there are two distinct points of sale software you can buy. There are those that offer free services and those that may require you to pay a few hundreds of dollars. If you are operating a business in Singapore, the business needs and how you want to grow it determines the points of sale software to use. Some of the top point of sale software you should have includes:

The Leaf 

This is one of the latest POS software Singapore businesses use and which do not rely on iPads. It is referred to the leafPresenter. It is downloadable and freely available to merchants. The software accepts all forms of payment including cash, debit and credit payments. If you are running a small business and you want to process payment and send receipts to your customers on their mobile devices, this is a must have device. The leaf receipt is highly interactive, can be used to solicit feedback and encourage the sharing of information about social media purchase. 

NCR Silver

If you want to grow your business, you must work hard to increase the number of your customers. This is why many businesses use email marketing campaigns to reach out to new customers and remind old customers about their products. The strategy can also be used to introduce new products to customers. This is where The NCR Silver becomes a must have software. The software can be used to reach to clients via email and can be used to thank them for purchases made. It can also be used to send automated emails to customers that stopped buying products to convince them to start buying from the business. 

QuickBooks POS 

If your business is already using intuits’ quick books for accounting, you can leverage its financial data by setting up a point of sale system. This means that once the customer has activated his account, she or he can authorize transactions from a tablet or an iPhone through the POS software. When the software is integrated with the GoPayment, it allows the merchant to process the transaction outside their establishment and charge a sales tax based on the location. This POS software can send email, text receipts and maps that show where the transaction took place.

Revel Systems

This is a POS system that can be used in restaurants and retail stores to hasten the rate at which transactions are processed. With this POS, it is not necessary that you stay at your front desk if you want to process and manage inventory. You can do this at multiple locations and be able to track the volume of sales of each employee. As software, Revel works with most of the credit cards processors. 


This is another top POS software Singapore businesses use to manage restaurants. The POS focuses on serving businessmen who operate restaurants to manage table zones. The software allows the merchant to accept payments either in cash form or credit through its platform.


This is a top class POS that is already being used by more than 2 million merchants. With this software, the business can process credit cards on their iPhone, Androids and iPads. It can also execute gift cards transactions meaning that businessmen can use it to reward loyal customers by publishing a menu on a square public directory.