The Story Behind A Successful NFL Player

NFL players are icons and they are successful role models in society today. When it comes to their daily routine and schedule, they need to be very dedicated and sincere. There are some NFL players who do not mind the strict regime and routine they face when it comes to working out and performing. They say that NFL is their life and they are proud to be a part of it.

Success with support!

Duval Love is an iconic NLF player since 11 years. He is a former Offensive Linesman. He has played with the NFL after he graduated from UCLA. He has played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. You will find his name mentioned in the Pro Bowl. The Duval Love NFL story starts when he was a young boy. He always  idolized the NFL and wanted the join the league as a kid.  He dreamt of growing taller every day and he always watched games with the burning desire to be part of the NFL when older!

His father has a huge impact in his life and today he is grateful to both his parents for the support and love he received from them. Without them, he would never have become the successful NFL player he is today. He says that when it comes to the NFL, he would always practice hard and devote his time passionately to building the right amount of stamina needed to become a successful player of the game.  His father used to encourage him all the time. he says that his father was more like an elder brother over a dad. This helped him to large extent to face failures and successes with equal élan.

Lots of sweat and toil involved

He says many youngsters aspire to be NFL players however it is not as simple as it looks. When it comes to the sport, it is essential for players to be disciplined and prepared for the hard work and grueling schedule that the game brings. There are many sacrifices that need to be made. Players have to be very strict when it comes to their exercise routine and food. If you take a look at NFL players today, you will find that they have amazing physiques. It is the result of a lot of hard work, sweat and toil, he says.

The Duval Love NFL story is incomplete without his team-mates. He says that he loves playing with the team and learning with each game. In the game, victory does not belong to a single player. Each one of them are responsible for the win. The joys of sharing wins and losses are inexplicable. To him NFL is his life and he is proud to be a part of the league. He strives for improvement all the time and he says that he always pushes himself harder to do better in every game he plays. His fans adore him and he is a positive role model for everyone around!