The Importance of Tree Removal Services

What is required in basic tree removal services? 

Tree removal can be a very difficult task and most often it is best to hire a professional tree removal service for the job.  If the tree is not removed properly, it can result in its regrowth; particularly, if the stump is not removed as well.  When removing a tree, it is important to take safety precautions to prevent serious injury or damage to vehicles in the surrounding area of the tree/trees being removed, homes, power lines and even people.

Why is it necessary to sometimes remove a tree?

Often times the homeowner/business-owner will request the removal of a tree or several trees because they are interfering with the current landscaping plan.  Another reason for wanting a tree removed is because the tree has grown up so large it is threatening the structure of nearby homes or buildings. Sometimes, trees become infected with a “tree virus” or insects that damage the tree or kill the tree and it is necessary to have the tree removed safely before it comes down on its own potentially threatening to hurt people or damage any surrounding property.  When a tree’s branches start growing into utility lines, it becomes necessary to trim the tree or completely remove it to protect the integrity of the utility lines.  Not only will a tree threaten the utility lines above, they can also threaten the lines that are built underground when the roots begin to break through the asphalt or sidewalks.

What is involved in the actual removal of the tree? 

Once the homeowner (or business owner) has decided the best course of action to take with an overgrown or sickly tree is to have it removed, they must consult with a tree removal service about how it can be safely removed.  Once the professional tree removers are on site, they will do everything needed to ensure the tree is removed safely.

A professional tree removal team member from a company such as Michal Tree Service  will then need to climb the tree and remove large branches in order to take better control when the tree comes down.  Any protruding branches that are not trimmed off before the tree falls can cause peripheral damage as it falls.  Once the tree is removed, the remaining stump will also require removal, because if it is not removed correctly it can cause the tree to regrow.  Stump removal is then another process that must be explored by the tree removal service.

Removing the Tree Stump 

The actual act of tree removal is a big job; however, the removal of the stump is even a larger one.  For this reason, many tree removal companies do not include stump removal in their initial estimate of the job.  If you want the stump removed, you will need to get a second quote from the tree removal company on doing this job.

If you decide to remove the stump yourself, there are several “do-it-yourself” ideas you can use for removing the stump from your yard.  You can use a chainsaw and shovel to do the removal; or use a chemical stump removal to kill the stump; you can also burn the stump away by catching it on fire.  You can also “rot the tree stump” by drilling holes in the stump and filling the holes with a “high-nitrogen substance.”

Whichever way you decide to remove the unsightly tree stump, once it’s gone you will be pleased with how nice your yard will look and how much more room you now have available for other things in your yard.