The Best Social Media Tools to Promote Your Business on Facebook


The upsurge of Social Media has skyrocketed the trends of digital marketing. Your posts, hashtags, tweets and a number of things add more to your marketing efforts. Having a number of social media platforms around, Facebook is the one that has been an alluring channel for brands and different businesses.

Social media tools are targeted to provide an automated campaign for promoting your business.

Powerful WYSIWYG Tools for Campaign Customization:

You want to do whatever you want on your ad design. That is why easy to use Twitter Automation lets you customize the campaigns as per your demands. With drag and drop technology, you are provided freedom to design the campaign.

Social Media Tools

You can control the popup position of lead generating form with this customization technique. Whether you want the form to be popped up in the middle or top. By placing the form at the bottom position, you can facilitate the users without blocking the main content with this popup display.

Social Media Tools1

The social media tool further allows you to customize individual elements of the form. You can edit element name, background color and background image URL. Means a complete customization can be performed in accordance with your requirements.

Integration with Email Marketing Programs:

Twitter Automation is a complete package for successful lead generation that will make your business shine with its impactful system. The social media software is integrated with 10 giant email marketing programs, including:

  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • Aweber
  • iContact etc.

Get Insights of Traffic Report:

This social media tool serves the promotion purpose in a dedicated manner. It gives you the complete insights of traffic for every link. So, you will have a detailed traffic report depicting how many times your ads were viewed, when and from where they were viewed. This results in a successful tracking of your leads.

Show or Hide Campaigns with a Click:

With a single click, you have the facility to show or hide your campaigns. As per your requirements, this feature can be used effectively.

Use Fan Page Robot for Hassle Free Facebook Marketing:

Yes, you are now to reveal the most incredible feature of this Facebook autoposter. This tool is not merely facilitating you with the customized lead generation campaign. Let’s unfold some of those appealing templates on this Facebook marketing software:

1- Curate Enticing Content with Content Generation Tool:

No worries about manual postings, too much promotional content, manual sharings, or too much scarcity of followers.

Moreover, the enticing lead generating forms and advertising strategies transform your visitors into successful leads. Hence, you will be enjoying increased revenues of your business.

2- Implement Various Facebook Marketing Strategies:

i- Subscribe to Newsletter:

social media

This is a very neat and simple lead generating way to ask your visitors to get subscribed to the newsletter. With lovely background color, the text boxes to enter name and email address are provided with a Subscribe button.

ii- Request for a Free Trial of Your Product or Service:

You can give users an option to request for a free trial. This will definitely sound them an interesting thing to try your product or service for the first time. With this elegant form, user can request the free trial by entering name, email id and sending a message.

iii- Display Your Product with a Link to Store:

It is a perfect style for the people who are interested in showcasing their products with a link to their store. You can instantly display the major highlights and benefits of your product with a Call-to-Action button, linked with your store or Amazon.

iv- Offer Free E-Books:

Whatever is your target market, offering the users, relevant e-books for free will definitely impact your sales in an exponential manner. This simple Free E-Book subscriptions form will let your users enter their information instantly with quite easy to use controls.

v- Subscribe to View the Content:

You can generate leads through this technique as well. As the user lands to the posted URL, he/she is asked to subscribe before viewing the content.

vi- Subscribe with Email or Social Accounts:

Another interesting way to let your visitors subscribed to the newsletter is to give them a freedom. Through this colorful and vibrant form, the user can either subscribe to the newsletter via email address or directly through Facebook or Google.