Some Out of the Ordinary Things to do in Mumbai on Your Next Visit


There are some things that automatically comes to our mind when we picture a place and we usually end up going about doing those cliched things. This article talks about how you can get a whole new perspective on Mumbai if you visit these places within the city.

Fancy a trip to the dream city? If your answer is yes, then get ready for a completely different kind of visit this time around. This time around, the trip will not all about be sightseeing, the street food and nightlife experience. We will dig in deeper and experience what goes unnoticed in Mumbai these days. Check for your Bangalore to Mumbai flights fare and take a dig at the things mentioned below the next time you visit this city.

A visit to Aksa beach

A visit to Mumbai without visiting a beach is incomplete. That being said, skip the normal Chowpatty or Juhu beach and head on over to Aksa beach. It is beautiful and further away from the huge crowd of the city. The beach remains untouched during the weekdays, which is the best time to visit. Some crowds gather during the weekends. This beach is perfect for taking long quiet walks along the shores away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But be cautioned to not wander off too far on the shores as you might find some mild quick-sand terrains, and also, the water is not safe for swimming.

Visit Goa in Mumbai!

Name plates outside cottages with Goan names, small crucifix attached to the gates and small churches in a well-knit society is what you will find when you go to Girgaon. This place makes you feel like you have stepped into mini Goa with everything that is surrounding the place. Narrow lanes of cobbled stones, 100-200-year-old streets and cottages reflecting the Portuguese influence is a common sight in this part of Mumbai.

Take a tour in a Tonga

Yes, explore the glitzy city of Mumbai in a humble horse-drawn tonga. It is best to take this tour at night when the streets are lit up. If you request for the full two-hour tour, you will be taken to places like Regal Circle, Gateway of India and many other places of historical importance. You will also pass by the popular Marine Drive area and the UNESCO World Heritage site of Victoria Terminus.

Visit the Chor Bazar

Found in the Southern part of Mumbai, you will find almost anything in this flea market. Chor Bazar directly translates into ‘thieves market’ in English which is due to the huge number of stolen goods sold there, but it doesn’t necessarily mean all things sold here are stolen or from the black market. Anything from antiques, electronic, household decors and second-hand goods can be found in this bazaar. You just have to look around for a bit.

Pay a visit to the Worli fishing village

If you want to see how Bombay used to be, visit this village. While the rest of the city began developing and changing drastically over the years, this village remained the same since then and is still pretty much the same. Meet the tribal fishermen folk and share a conversation, it will leave you delighted!