Second Hand Cars in the UK: Things you auto know

Every now and then, we have to treat ourselves and how do we treat ourselves…a holiday, a night out, dinner or even better buying a new car. Why not, you deserve it and plus it’s one of the few gifts that keep on giving.

A new car is so much more than just a means of getting around town. Your car says a lot about you – where you’re coming form, where you’re going and what your priorities are. Nowadays, new car marketing is very psychological. It makes the viewer reconsider their image, status, self-esteem at the expense of coming across as boring. Marketers overlook rational issues that influence your car buying decisions, like cost, depreciation, safety and reliability.

Before you’re completely hypnotised by the glitz and the glamour or the dressed to impress slick talking showroom salesperson, carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages. If you agree with several of the disadvantages listed below, you may want to consider buying a used car before making any final decisions.


  • Latest model
  • First owner
  • Latest number plate
  • Can be customised for your preference
  • No worries about the past history


  • Significant depreciation
  • Expensive
  • A number plate is only ‘new’ for a few months
  • Pay for extras
  • Spend more than necessary – you can buy the same model for cheaper on the used market

Buying a previously owned car is usually a smart way of cutting the cost of driving.  Today, most cars are built to such high standards that second-hand no longer means second-rate.

If you choose to purchase a ‘nearly new’ model, you will essentially own a car of the same quality and specification as a brand new motor, but for hundreds or even thousands of dollars less.

When it comes to buying a used car, the decision ultimately sits with what’s best for you and your budget. So whatever you buy, be sure to educate yourself about the market, read reviews and look around for the best deal. The significant disadvantage to buying a used car is risk. There is always a risk of buying an unreliable car that will cost you even more money than you anticipated in repair and maintenance expenses. There is also the risk of ending up with a stolen car or a write-of, risk of being ripped off. However risks can be minimised and prevented, provided you’re aware of them.

Overall, buying a used car is much safer than it used to be, provided you use credible sources. Buying second hand has never been better value.