Popular destination wedding themes

Popular Destination Wedding Themes

If you are amid planning a wedding, you are probably trying to come up with a theme. Many couples prefer to get married in the spring and summer, because it opens up many options, as far as wedding themes go. Below you will find some great tips on wedding destinations and themes.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings are growing in popularity very quickly, but most couples plan their wedding destination to exotic beaches, instead of trying to create a beach theme at their local beach. By renting a terrace and decorating it with pearls, seashells, and flowers, you can bring that exotic beach feel to your backyard or local beach. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to travel to a foreign country to have that dream wedding, when you can do it locally.

Mountain Wedding

Whether you are a westerner or a southerner, you may want to have a mountain wedding. Not only is this possible, but you can create your very own mountain wedding at a local venue. By creating homemade candles out of wood and stone, is only one example of bringing this type of wedding to you. There are many chalets that will allow you the freedom to decorate, as you choose. You can actually save a lot of money, by doing this, instead of traveling to another state or country.

Modern Wedding

Many people choose a more modern wedding theme over the others, because it opens up more options for them, as far as decorations and ideas go. You can rent wedding linens, so that you do not have to purchase them, which will save you tons of money. Solid colors are preferred, because they blend in better with the color scheme and reception décor.

Lego Themed Wedding

Believe it or not, many couples are choosing their favorite toy, as a wedding theme. By incorporating Legos into your wedding you can have a lot of fun planning and decorating. Millions of people love Legos, because they find them quirky and imaginative. Create little gift packages, as the table placements, which is a very unique idea that will amaze everyone. Use the little Lego men and women, as cufflinks and cake decorations. Go out and have fun with this great wedding theme.

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Halloween Weddings

If you love fall and Halloween, incorporate them into your wedding. Spooky trees, pumpkins, skeletons, and corn candy are everyone’s favorite. Decorate the entire reception hall, with your favorite Halloween decorations. You can even add whimsical music to the environment, so that you can achieve that scary feel, which will get everyone in the mood. Choose a black wedding dress and you will create the Halloween wedding of a lifetime.


There are many different ideas that you can envelop into your wedding. If you want to use your imagination, you will have fun and enjoy your special day more than ever. If you need some wedding theme ideas, just head to the Internet and you will find everything that you are looking for and much more.