Personal Beauty in your Hands – Cool Coffee Mugs

People carry lots of things around. Jewelry like a locket can keep images of loved ones. Clothes can have pictures or patches that mean something to you. Your keychain can have a lot to say about who you are, and what matters to you . . . and keys, of course. These are passive things, we just have them hanging around. Then there are items that we actively seek out and keep nearby. Warm drinks are everywhere. Coffee, tea, or something else. It gives us warmth and comfort, or perhaps that jolt of caffeine to get moving in a day. That cup is something you can enjoy just as much as the stuff in it. The obvious choice is to have a mug that looks different in some way from the people around you- a quick and easy way to tell if this is yours or theirs. So, having a different mug is a good thing. Now, combine the two thoughts: something that makes you smile, and something that is easy to notice as being your own. Unique coffee mugs are both telling and useful, tools that get you through the day and make you smile. Sometimes the little things mean so much, and having a ‘little thing’ you keep nearby can remind you of such.

How you personalize your ceramic coffee mugs is only limited by what you want to have. Valen Wonderland is proud to offer a broad choice of designer mugs. From the intricate patterns of gorgeous mandalas, simple inspirational quotes, or the adorable image of a furry friend to specific monograms or personalized mugs to easily identify. Modern designs add a touch of class, or unique quotes and sayings to keep in mind wherever you may be. The ceramic mug can be so much more than the functional vehicle for a hot beverage. You can design your own mug to say what you want or need it to. Another way to think of it is like a car. Most cars will get you where you need to go, use the same gas, and follow the same roads. Having a car that makes you happy turns a trip into something more fun. Enjoy the ride! The same can be said with tea or coffee. It will taste the same in any cup or glass, but having the right mug can make it seem just a bit better.

Cool mugs are able to be used for more than just hot drinks, though. Some sweets like cookies are best when dunked in a drink hot or cold. Mug design gives that wide top making dunking far easier. Latte mugs take advantage of that with the ability to make a simple drawing in the surface of your drink, like a love note you can sip. Designer mugs are a simple reminder of what is important to you, and Valen Wonderland has dozens to choose from. Take a moment and see what cool coffee mugs catch your attention. Get 15% OFF discount now by following us.