Pamper Your Skin with a Natural Soap

One thing that humans like to be is clean. As far back as ancient writings go, there are reports of people cleaning themselves regardless of the civilization. Although just jumping in a lake, then soaking and scrubbing the body can clean it to some extent, it does not remove all of the dirt, bacteria and grease that covers the body. To do this, chemical compounds need to be used. Today we refer to these compounds as soap, and there are many different types and combinations available. Evidence of the use of soap goes back some 4000 years.

Although the majority of soap that is manufactured these days are made from chemicals, the trend in recent years has been for natural products. This is for a number of reasons, but the main two are that many people consider natural products to be kinder to the skin, as well as being better for the environment. Sales of natural soap have skyrocketed, and this has meant that a natural soap company which offers a wide range will do well in the market. The competition is also good as the consumer benefits from low prices and choice.

In order to be classed as natural soap, it is important that the ingredients are all sourced in a way that are kind to the environment, as well as containing ingredients that the consumer recognizes. Such ingredients can include organic Shea butter, vegetable glycerin, palm kernel oil and 100% sustainable palm oil. While they should not contain SLS, animal fats, detergents, and definitely no chemicals.

One thing that often worries people is that this kind of soap does not produce a lather. However, that is an incorrect assumption as a natural soap company like Australian Natural Soap will use ingredients that produce a good lather. Although lather is not essential for soap, people do tend to be of the opinion that the more lather there is, the better the product is. The main reason for the lather is that it helps to lift and support grease and grime away from the skin. Some natural soaps have no lather at all, but it is best to use products that do.

Another part of soap, and probably the one which the consumer uses to select the product, is fragrance. Nearly all soap will have some fragrance, although fragrance free is available for those with allergies. There are three different types of fragrance available; food grade, wash off, and leave on grade. A good natural soap company would only use leave on grade. This simply means that the fragrance remains on the skin after washing, giving the person a nice clean smell.

Apart from being kinder to the environment, natural beauty products do tend to be much better for the skin. This is partly due to them having a mild PH value, whereas some chemical soaps can be acidic. This means that natural soap is also suitable for people who have allergic skin conditions, as well as the normal population.