Oxford University – every student’s dream

Everybody heard about Oxford University and knows about it that is one of the most prestigious ones, where any student wants to be able to study. It is very well known that great names from our history studied here and year after year from Oxford gives hundreds of eminent students that graduate and became great doctors, lawyers, etc. So it is understandable why every student dreams to study here. Is it very well known for being the oldest world’s English-speaking university, even that no one knows the exact year when it was founded. The only documents that were found were some evidence from the year 1096. Oxford University has 38 constituent colleges and four divisions of academic departments scattered throughout the city center. Each part of this university is famous and the oldest in the world like the world’s oldest and most prestigious scholarships named the Rhodes Scholarship, the world’s oldest museum, the world’s largest university press and the largest academic library system in Great Britain. Also the students here, like I said before became great personalities like 27 Prime Ministers of U.K.’s, many foreign heads of state and also 28 Nobel laureates.

And these are just some of the motives that when you hear the word Oxford or when someone speaks about the city you immediately think about the university. Because in one of the most popular things about the city. But Oxford is a beautiful city with stunning history, architecture and also culture. Here you’ll find fascinating museums and galleries, plenty of parks, green spaces gardens and where to relax. So if you are dating in Oxford you will have plenty of things to do. Also, the city center is small enough to walk it on foot so you better leave the video chat online and start walking and enjoy all of the beauties that the city has to offer. If you are a student here probably you are sick of the College Hall where all you can dine together. I know it is a special opportunity for all of you to share your ideas and relax with your friends, but you need some real free time outside the university. So take you girlfriend and go grab a coffee and enjoy it in a park or go to a movie outside your room. You have enough time so that you can do both, to study and in the same time to enjoy life.