Is the Battle of the Sexes still going on over social media?

As much as our society is gradually moving toward greater equality between men and women, there is one place where the battle of the sexes appears to be going strong: social media. Not only do many of us fall into many stereotypical gender roles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and virtually every other social platform, but we’re driving each other crazy by doing it!

The following are some of the most common things men are doing that bother women and vice-versa.

• Taking too many selfies – to start, this is a complaint that both sexes have about the other one! Men think that women take and post far too many selfies while women feel the exact same way about men. The frustration level only rises when the pictures are clearly taken in a bathroom mirror. Neither sex likes to look at fluorescent lit shots of someone with a shower curtain in the background and yet both seem to do it – far too often!

• Guys reveal more to their profiles than to in-person relationships – women hate it when they feel their guy friends and partners are sharing more with their social media followers than they do in person. It’s hard to feel special when two hundred remote acquaintances hear more news about him than you do.

• Women act like stalkers online – men hate that women actively seek out information about other people through Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. At the same time that women are able to discover a tremendous amount about an individual in this way, guys typically find it as creepy as they do impressive and don’t like the thought that their every move is being secretly tracked by a girlfriend or female friend.

• Guys post angry or whiny statuses – women can’t stand reading the constant complaints men have over Twitter and Facebook. They see it as a red flag when a guy spends so much of his time sharing negative public statements. The occasional gripe due to a specific situation is one thing, but a continual rant about family, friends, politics, the latest news and other subjects is seen as hugely off-putting.

• Women share personal relationship issues with everyone – guys find it tough enough to think that their girlfriends are sharing their personal issues with their closest friends, but they can typically accept that. However, when that level of sharing escalates to include everyone on a social media friend list, it’s far less okay. There’s a big difference between talking through a struggle with a confidant and declaring relationships in public with such great detail that you need to fall back on a mobile battery bank for enough juice to express every facet of the latest argument.

• Disappearing or never going away – another area in which men and women are in agreement is that they don’t like being ignored or smothered by someone over social media…and yet they’re both very guilty of this behavior.

This comparison is meant as a fun and light hearted generalization based on common behaviors and is in no way intended to suggest that all men and women have the same behaviors or opinions.