Improve the absorption of iron – Anaemia


Most of the people are not aware of deficiency of iron! Even the people aware of their bodies and healthy choices with food beverages, find themselves in an iron deficiency state. Many a times just knowing the fact that which food are high in iron content may not help to prevent for being anaemic. Understanding the habits of absorption of iron in the body is necessary to balance a healthy diet rich in deficiency.

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What Is Anaemia?

  • When the blood lacks healthy red blood cells in a large quantity the developing condition which rises is Anaemia. The main part of the red blood cells is haemoglobin and it binds oxygen also.
  • The person’s body will not get enough of oxygen if they have abnormal red blood cells, or if the haemoglobin is comparatively low. Females, young children, and the people suffering from chronic disease have the highest risk of being anaemic

Important facts to remember are:-

  • New born babies can be affected at time of their birth or certain forms of anaemia are hereditary.
  • Women are the most affected by anaemia because of blood loss from menstruation and the increase in blood supply demands during the pregnancy period.
  • Other adults may also have risk of anaemia because of their poor diet or any other medical conditions. There are many different types of anaemia. Each and every type has its own causes and treatment.
  • The most common type is the Iron deficiency anaemia which is treated with iron supplements.
  • Another kind of anaemia that is developed during pregnancy is even considered as normal.
  • Whereas, some kind of anaemia are present at life long time this may lead to health problems.

What Causes Anaemia?

There are more than 400 types of anaemia, which are divided into three groups:

  1. Anaemia caused by blood cells:-

RBC are lost in women because of bleeding, which can be recovered slowly                                                                              over a long period which can even go un-noticed.

  1. Anaemia Caused by Decreased or Faulty Red Blood Cell Production:-

This kind of anaemia is responsible for producing many blood cells or many of them which does not function correctly. Due to lack of minerals and vitamins in the body there may be decrease of RBC.

  1. Anaemia associated with other conditions:-

It usually occurs when there are few hormones which are necessary for the production of RBC. Condition which includes the types is as follows:-

  • Kidney diseases.
  • Thyroidism
  • Old age
  • Disease such as cancer, infection, diabetes.


  1. Anaemia Caused by Destruction of Red Blood Cells:-

Haemolytic anaemia is the term which is referred as, when red blood cell does not have the ability to withstand routine stress of the circulatory system, they may prematurely rupture which can be present at the time of birth or it may also develop later and its cause includes:-

  • Thalassemia
  • Infection caused by drugs or certain food items.
  • Toxins created by kidney diseases.
  • Tumours, burns, extreme hypertension, clotting.
  • An enlarged spleen can trap red blood cells and destroy them before their circulating time is up.

Symptoms of anaemia:-

The most common symptom excluding type is a person feeling fatigue and if they lack in energy. Other symptoms include:-

  • Fast or low heart beats
  • Chest pain
  • Shorten breath
  • Fever

Test and diagnosis of anaemia:-

  • Several methods are used to diagnose anaemia. The up most common method used for diagnosing anaemia is complete blood count (CBC), which measures various features of blood which includes their haemoglobin, and hematocrit levels.
  • All these tests are done just by taking a small blood sample. This test gives the good result of patients overall health and it not only detect anaemia but other disease also such as leukaemia or kidney diseases.
  • The result of CBC carried out by the test is then compared by the doctor according to their healthy levels. The healthy level may differ depending upon the age, race and sex.
  • CBC doesn’t have a definitive diagnostic test related to anaemia.
  • If the persons haemoglobin, RBC, Hemotocrit level are below normal then the person may suffer from anaemia.

Treatments for anaemia:-

There are many treatment related to anaemia, ultimately all are aimed towards increasing the amount of blood carried, which in short raises the RBC count.

  1. Dietary changes

A change in iron – rich diet can help to reduce the chances of being anaemic. For prevention patients should eat more fresh vegetables, meat. Iron and vitamin B12 supplements should be included to boost up the energy by the patients those who all are on strict diet.

2.         Medicine

If doctors think that the patient suffering from anaemia is serious then he may prescribe medicines which will enable to produce more RBC or he will try to treat the cause, which can include antibiotics which can treat infection. In many cases to rise up the level of RBC blood transfusion is recommended.

Healthy diet must be included in daily routine to stay fit.