How to win free solar panels

win free solar panels

The cost of energy seems to be always rising, making the idea of reducing your energy bills by generating your own electricity a tempting one. Most of us don’t have room for a nuclear power station, hydroelectric dam or wind farm in our back garden, but installing solar panels on the roof of your home can be an economically and environmentally sound prospect.

One of the factors making it less attractive is the sunk cost of installing the solar panels, which can be very expensive and mean that the system will take years of operation before you have saved the cost of installing the system and start to actually gain free energy. However, there is a way to win free solar panels through a solar panel auction, allowing you to start seeing that truly free electricity straight away.

The site offering the free solar panels through solar panel auction is – they are a not for profit organisation sponsored by the Highwall Solutions Charity Foundation. In order to use the site you have to register with them, and then buy credits from them to “bid” on the solar panel auction. There are 2 types of auction on the site, the “free” auction which costs £10 for every bid, and the regular auction which costs £5 for every bid.

The regular solar panel auction isn’t really an auction as we normally understand it. The item starts at the normal retail price, and every bid placed reduces the total price a little bit, but the current price of the item is hidden. In order to see what it is, and have the opportunity to buy the item, you need to place a bid. Once the current price has been revealed you can choose to either buy at that price, or wait and bid again to see the later lower price. Once someone chooses to buy that solar panel auction, the auction ends and it is removed from the site.

The free auction works in a similar fashion, but the opportunity to buy isn’t there. Instead bids are placed until the price of the items drops to 50%. Every member of the site gets a 50% discount, and this discount applies to the retail price of the item not the current bid price, so once the price falls below 50% the item is effectively free. Only at this point is the ability to claim the auction available, and it becomes a mix of skill, reflexes and pure luck to win the free solar panels – skill to determine which auctions are reaching the 50% point, reflexes since once the 50% mark is reached anyone bidding will see the claim button, and the first to click on it will win the free solar panels, and luck in being there in the narrow window between 50% being reached and a claim being placed.

Once you have won your free solar panels, or decided that the cost of the normal auction is low enough for you, you receive £500 cashback on installation, allowing you if you have been cautious and smart in the number of bids you have made to have completely free solar panels, and free electricity for years to come.