How to Take Winstrol Pills & Injections (Before or After Workout)

Winstrol Pills

Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, is an anabolic steroid used as an alternative to Anavar. While it is a mild steroid, it has good effects on burning fats and building muscles that are seen in both men and women. Best to be used in cutting cycle, it also does not convert into estrogen and you can also expect lean and hard physique. Derived from DHT which is derived from testosterone and has a slightly different structure, it is more potent than testosterone. As DHT cannot aromatise, Winstrol cannot aromatise either. With high anabolic properties and weak androgenic properties, it is still a good drug to see good gains. How to Take Winstrol Pills & Injections (Before or After Workout)?

Taking pills vs injection

While both forms of Winstrol have the same component, taking them in the right way increases your chances of getting the best results. So, you should know how to take your first Winstrol cycle? One can either choose the tablet or injection form of this drug. The recommended starting dose of Winstrol in men is 40-100mg per day and 5-15 mg per day in women. Effects of Winstrol are different for different ways of administering it and are different for genders also. For best results, one should take those 30 minutes before workout. But it can also be taken at any point in the day. But drinking plenty of water is the key to avoid the side effects.

Upon administration of oral Winstrol, its absorption starts in the gastrointestinal tract and gets metabolized as it passes into the liver through veins. Winstrol has a 17aa attached to its structure which makes it toxic to the liver and also ensures that there is a little portion that survives this process of metabolism which means only some amount of the drug reaches your bloodstream. This is called first pass metabolism. And the place this happens determines the effectiveness. Once the drug passes into your blood stream, it is carried to the liver and then to the heart for further purification. Hence, as one takes oral form, the first pass metabolism happens in the intestines and in the liver followed by transporting it through the blood to tissues for absorption. And in this cycle, if the drug passes through liver again, it undergoes a second metabolism. As pills have a half-life of 4-5 hours, they may need to be administered many times in the day.

On the other hand, an injectable version of any steroid is directly injected into the bloodstream and hence there is less exposure to the process of metabolism in both first and second metabolism. Apart from this, there is better nitrogen retention with injection which means there are more new cells produced for muscle growth. Studies also show that oral versions of steroids are more effective than the injection form as they are more effective in affecting the SBHG level which binds with testosterone to build muscles. Injections have a half-life of 18-24 hours and hence the need to use them is less.