How to Buy a Women’s Leather Wallet

Buy a Women’s Leather Wallet

As a girl going out wallet shopping for the first time, you should expect to be a bit intimidated. There are a large number of options, when you consider not only sizes, but also other customizations (including the fold, the size, the closure and even the brand value).

This is why it is not uncommon to see women own a variety of leather wallets. These wallets are used for multiple occasions, instead of just one wallet.

You may opt to buy a women’s leather wallet online on well-known leather accessories websites like Akubra Store and these concepts discussed below will be helpful

Women wallets typically are of two of types – bi-fold or tri-fold. Bi-fold wallets, as the name suggests, open and close like a book and they are divided into two equal sections. The wallet can be opened either horizontally or vertically.

Within each section, the wallet has different sub sections to hold your cash, cards and other important things like lipsticks or eye pencils. Tri-fold wallets have 3 symmetrical sections and open like a brochure. Typically, these wallets are small and are made to easily fit in ladies hands or inside the handbags. Choosing a bi-fold or tri-fold wallet is completely a matter of personal preference.

When considering the fold, your focus should be to first understand the amount of space that the wallet offers for your cash and cards without feeling “lumpy”.  Feel free to actually try out the wallet by transferring your stuff (cash, cards etc), and seeing if it feel right.

This is one of the most important things to consider while buying a women’s leather wallet. Carrying the right size wallet can make a huge difference in carrying the important things comfortably or struggling to store the things safely.

Ideally, clutches are a great option as they fit in your hands perfectly or you can even keep one in your backpack or handbags. Besides, it is big enough to hold your cash, cards, car keys and even quick make-up items.

However, if you are going out for travel, you may require a bigger wallet to hold your important documents like passport and other things. Keep in your mind the things that you wish to carry and you would be able to choose the correct size wallet to suit your needs.

For many women the brand of the wallet matter a lot, while others are not fussy about it. If you like a particular brand of wallet make sure that you get the genuine product. If you’re buying a replica, get the first copy instead of cheap knock-offs made of shoddy products with poor workmanship.

There are a wide range of brands and makers of leather wallets. it all depends on your personal preference and status quo.  Additionally, you may consider buying a ‘functional’ leather wallet for regular use, and one as a distinctive fashion accessory that makes you feel glamorous.

Women’s leather wallets have different kinds of closure such as – magnets, twist closures, zippers, Velcro, snaps and kiss locks. The closure is nothing but the manner in which the wallet is closed. It is important to choose the right closure type to suit your need. If you don’t carry too much cash or other important things you can opt for Velcro or snap wallets. However, if you carry a lot of cash, cards and other expensive items in your wallet it is best advised to buy wallets with magnet, zipper or twist closures as it would hold your valuables firmly and safely.

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