Looking fashionable and being in style does not always guarantee your comfort. Sacrifices have to be made in order to look fabulous, but now there is a versatile collection of women’s wear that allows you to look fantastic and feel even better. Lavanya Coodly is a swiftly expanding designer label that specializes in creating artistic garments that are suitable for any occasion. Focusing on making sure the customer feels satisfied when she looks in the mirror, Coodly ensures that each of her designs are perfectly tailored to fit women of all ages and all body types. She creates pieces that are urban-based and chic enough to be worn everyday, which incorporates exciting prints with a Bohemian feel for a more free-spirited look. Her signature pieces are hand embroidered from an ancient technique that gives the evening gowns and silk tunics a distinct artistic design. In addition to the attentively selected fabrics, each piece contains intricate detailing that is personally chosen to match her custom design.

Coodly’s initial educational background comes from the sciences, but she has always had a love for fashion. Growing up in India, customizing her own clothing to satisfy her needs was always a part of her life. This interest in designing became more than a spare time hobby when she started to create some freelance pieces for her close friends and family. When she saw that she could bring the feeling of personal satisfaction to other people through her garments, Lavanya Coodly decided that she had something special to contribute to the public. Her desire to share with the them the immense feeling of being satisfied when looking in the mirror is what primarily motivated Coodly to launch her own designer label in 2014.

Lavanya Coodly’s unparalleled attention to precise cuts and tailoring makes her garments drape over the body in an elegant way and her breathable fabrics ensures a comfortable fit. Her beautiful designs are versatile enough to be dressed up or down for any special occasion. She believes that with one dress you can do ten things, and that is definitely one of the most attractive qualities of her collection. Her free flowing dresses are not only meant for hot summer days, but it can be accessorized to match any environment or season. The soft fabrics can be transitioned into a nice evening dinner dress with some accessories, or it can be paired with a chic leather jacket, which is perfect for the spring. She guarantees her timeless garments will be a staple in your wardrobe and will serve many purposes, while making you feel comfortable and look fashionable. To shop the collection, visit- www.LavanyaCoodly.com.


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