Gain remarkable strength with Anavar


Anavar, the brand name for Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that enhances strength, promotes lean muscle mass and reduces body fat in combination with a proper diet and regular exercise. It is preferred by beginners due to its low side effects. This drug is extremely anabolic and mildly androgenic that aids in building strength and muscle growth without adverse effects. Low androgen city makes this steroid a great choice for people who want to gain strength without weight gain. This medication is also a preferred compound among women who wish to avoid masculinity and unwanted hair growth. It is recommended for female users who want performance enhancement.

This drug has proved to be useful for its therapeutic properties in various treatment plans. It is normally prescribed to regain weight in patients having lost due to trauma, surgery and use of corticosteroid medication for longer duration. Moreover, it relieves pain in osteoporosis patients. This hormone promotes an increase in the count of red blood cells that enhance endurance. Some studies report that it promotes lipolysis, a process where fats get broken down. It is an anabolic steroid that can be taken either solitarily or in a stack. The only cycle doses are commonly taken by beginners to reduce the side effects. The Anavar only cycle dosages for men in beginners are in the range of 25-50mg daily.

Dosages for men and women

The doses of this steroid depend on the experience and the tolerance level of the users. The correct dosage depends on whether to use it for bulking or cutting cycles. Beginners may try only cycles of this steroid to test individual tolerances. The half-life of this drug is 8 hours so either a single dose can be taken daily or the dosage can be divided to be taken twice daily. Women begin with a daily dose of 10mg and men may opt for 20 or 25mg daily. The only cycles of this medication are reserved for both men and women for cutting cycles.

Women do well in these steroid-only cycles while men may stack Deca Durabolin, testosterone and other anabolic steroids to get a great result. A popular cutting cycle in men lasts for eight weeks. In a bulking phase, a maximum dose of 120mg per day is taken and additionally, men may add Deca or Tren in the stack. In a cycle for women, incorporating high growth hormone (HGH) for 24 weeks is a good idea. The use of HGH can provide better and long lasting effects as women tend to use it for a shorter duration than men.

Positive results

The results expected from this steroid are based on goals, diet, and gender and workout plan. Men rarely use it for bulking unless it is used in a stack. Using this compound, women manage to gain 10-20 pounds. The difference is felt in the first few doses in terms of strength and performance. The workout and diet plans are important, irrespective of the goals of the users. If the goal is to lose fat while retaining muscle mass, a low-calorie diet should be consumed daily that is rich in protein. The Anavar only cycle dosages for men in beginners are beneficial and can provide great results.