Every person in this world wants to live in their own house except to some special cases. The earth has only ⅓ space for living. The ⅓ land contains everything imaginable found on earth like the forest, desert, agriculture land, these all land gives person everything that is required for the purpose of living. The population of the world is growing every moment but the irony is such that the earth can never increase in size nor it gives us extra space to live freely. Demand of living space is desired by every person but the earth is not increasing as per the requirements.

Independent House:

What should we do for living purposes…? As every person knows that home is necessary for every person and having a self independent house is the better than any other home, however today it is not as easy to own an independent house in the city. The cost of an independent house is expensive because of high demand of living areas and low space of land. It is not possible to own a independent house for everyone. It is required in huge amount and more attention to maintain it because of house tax and other state authority laws. Parking of vehicle is always an issue for the independent house. Having access to all the amenities is also not easy, because investors or shopkeepers none of them are willing to work for an individual family.


The future of living spaces is in the society flats or apartments. Flat or apartment is the living space which has been constructed in large numbers at a small land. A multistory building contains all of these flats. This multi story building has over 10 layers to 100 layers which results in much more living space than the independent house of peoples. Even the price for these flats is much lower than the independent house. Flats/ apartment contain more facilities than the independent house because the investors will be more interested to work in that region. The main reason is extra sale and profit because the population will be much more at that region where these societies are built.

Why Flat/ Apartment?

There are many element which are portrays the bright future of society of flats and apartments. People are showing interest to buy these flat on a regular basis which is also forcing and motivating the investors and builders to construct the society regularly especially in the Chandigarh CCR area of Zirakpur. The most booming real estate sector in North India is Zirakpur, Mohali, Chandigarh etc. Have a look at various properties/flat options from MT Zirakpur. There are many projects under construction and many of the projects have been sold out before finalization of projects. I have visited to Mona Greens and Mona Greens II at Zirakpur the projects handled by the MT Zirakpur is a leading real estate company in North India which has delivered two projects in Punjab. Presently MT is working on four projects including Mona Greens and Mona Greens-II. They have inaugurated new projects which has residential, commercial spaces and spaces for malls all of which is clubbed into one zone.

Demand of living area: Regular increasing of demand of living areas is forcing the investors to construct the multistories buildings for Flats and apartments. This can hold more numbers of person than the independent house in the ratio of land. Population of world is increasing day by day which requires living areas regularly and land cannot be increased at any condition. Also there is no other alternative of this natural resource. The agriculture land is equally necessary.

Cost: Cost of the flat or apartment is much lesser than the independent house. Person looking to find a good living space at a reasonable cost. Constructors build the flats and apartment in huge quantities with minimum space of land. These techniques make the final constructed flat and apartment cheaper than the independent house. Persons have the money but owning a house requires more space than any other thing. For booking and owning a living space can take all the money from your bank a/c which most of the time require assistance from bank loan. These bank loan can ruin a person completely as the interest will increase every year by bank policies.

Facilities: Societies of flat and apartment is more comfortable than the independent house as investors need the presence of more people which help them increase their sales and profit. A society can have approximate 3000 families at one go. Means business proposals are open for all the investors. All kind of products will be in demand like dairy, cloth, general article, services and other product. Services grow soon near the society. Banks, Transportation, School, Health departments and other essential services engaged near the society so quickly. Water and electricity problem is been completely solved by constructor. Fresh water is always stored in the huge tank which is available for 24 hours. Electricity is not a harassment anymore because constructor has installed power backups for the complete society. These power backups works for a long time at the time of cutoffs.

Maintenance: Maintenance of the building is never an issue. This responsibility has been taken by the constructors for lifetime. So no need to spend extra money for maintenance charges. Re-maintaining the house is difficult as it requires extra expenses. Bigger the house larger the expenses needed to maintain the house and greater the time involved.

Security: Security is also one of the main reasons for people living in the society. As the crime is increasing on a daily basis. Recruiting a security team in not possible for independent house but appointing a security team at societies is possible as that society has some special gates of entry and exit. These societies have been covered with the high height wall from all side which helps security team to inspect complete area. They can easily maintain the record of outsider, which can never be possible in the streets where independent houses situated. Families can live with more comfortable and working person never need to worry about their security when they are away from them. The cost of security team has been divided in householders of complete society which makes this powerful security at economical price.