Flirting as a tool for successful Ukrainian dating

Ukrainian dating

There are many ways to skin a cat, and there is a whole multitude of flirting patterns that you can resort to on a Ukrainian dating site. It all depends on what sort of person you are and which flirting approach suits you the most. Some people flirt playfully, others prefer doing it the polite way, there is also physical and traditional flirting, just as many other kinds. More often than not we combine mixed approaches.

How we flirt and, for that matter, if we can flirt at all, has a direct bearing on our ability to communicate our tender affection or at least attraction. Most of us are wired in such a way that we don’t even notice when someone is attempting to flirt with us, and some of us go even farther by mistaking flirting for friendliness and vice versa. Lack of communication is the most common occurrence in flirting, but Ukrainian women always appreciate a healthy flirter.

We seem to possess an invisible button, a certain switch that turns our flirting on and off. If you learn to toggle this switch properly, you will be able to attract other people and to flirt with a great success.

For instance, you are having a lively chit-chat with someone to whom you are attracted so much that you would like to have a romantic relationship with a particular woman on a Ukrainian dating site. It can be your coworker or someone whom you met online on a dating site or in a bar. There are people who never engage their flirting switch and, as a result, they end up losing out on a lot of dating opportunities. But others jump the fence and make a quantum leap in another direction – they assume that every friendly conversation is an invitation for flirting and more. Finding a sound balance between those two extremes is a huge, but surmountable task. Bear this in mind when you are about to enter the flirting arena.

If you are not married and are not committed to a relationship, then you should always be on the lookout for clues when talking to people. Your flirting switch should always be either dormant, but barely, or fully engaged if you believe you have met the right person.

Ukrainian dating

Your flirting switch should be meticulously tuned for you to avoid all sorts of embarrassing situations. Develop an acute flair for the definite signs of flirting and learn to recognize false triggers. A hotel hostess may be smiling at you nicely not because she has grown a crush on you, but simply because it is a mandatory point in her job description. By the same token, some shy women may believe they are flirting like hell with you just because they gave you a timid smile or told you a few words of friendly encouragement. First of all, determine the character of the person you are communicating with, and only then decide if you want to rush things forward or to stomp on the brakes.

Tips on how to use the flirting switch in Ukrainian dating

1) Show your genuine interest

Many flirting sceptics hold fast to the belief that flirting with Ukrainian women is a certain inborn skill and you cannot acquire it. But in reality practice is the only path to formidable results. What we mean here is flirting is not always a success story, those who flirt regularly and with a great luck will tell you about many of their miserable failures. But that’s how they learnt the art of flirting – through many failures. You cannot make the omelet without breaking an egg. And one of the golden rules of flirting is – show interest. Don’t worry about whether you are going to be rejected or not. In fact, worry as little as possible about anything, concentrate on learning more about the person who has attracted your attention. Will she be your skype-chatting friend, your companion to the movies or maybe even your honest bride and devoted wife? Don’t run ahead of the train while dating Ukrainians, you can figure all this out later, if your flirting proves to be a romantic breakthrough.

2)  Be open-minded

Don’t panic if your initial attempts haven’t melted the ice, keep trying. Show your candidness and open-mindedness, because the person you are flirting with needs to see you don’t pursue any hidden agenda and your words can be taken at face value. If you follow this advice, you will see your flirting skills enhanced dramatically.

3) Be a careful observer

Many fledgling flirters fail to notice a lot of obvious signs when being on a Ukrainian dating site. Even the way a woman is dressed can tell you if she is available and ready for flirting. No woman will wear drab clothes if she is looking for a romantic evening. Even if she is dressed moderately, there will always be a part of her wardrobe that will hint at her hidden desires – a fancy red brooch, a plunging neckline, shoes with a bright trim. To gain some practice, observe at how women react to other men’s attempts at flirting, pay attention to the most effective flirting tricks.