Private equity kept in comparison with the domain of investment banking, measures to a greater size. For the last few years, the field has experienced meteoric rise, so much so that students who are still grappling with finance-test exams in colleges are having second thoughts. Whereas on one hand, you have banking that demands unquestionable dedication in the form of a countless number of hours, the other offers a relatively comfortable way of meeting influential people in finance and making a killing of it! Which way would this tug war go? That’s what we are trying to make clear, especially for the young blood.

What in the world is Private Equity?

Private Equity firms make it their business to invest in companies of which are not available to be traded on public exchanges. They either purchase a good number of shares of the enterprise or buyout the entire organization. Either way, the goal is to better the machinery from within just so it could be sold for a greater amount than it was bought for. For instance, Bridgepoint, one of the top private equity firms in the world, bought the sandwich chain for £345 million in 2008, just to sell it at £675 million in 2015.

Your role as an Analyst:

At the entry level, only the analyst level profiles are available. Analysts are supposed to majorly evaluate the economic matrices which play a primary role in the buying decision for any entity. Additionally, one may be required to:

  • Go over new deals ad run background research on them.
  • Get the documentation prepared for all the partners to consider.
  • Working to bring the best practices in due diligence required for any transactional decision to successfully go through.

Your doorway into Private Equity Firms

It is not an easy job to get into the top private equity firms in the world. For a given fact, you should accept they most certainly wouldn’t be coming to your university for hiring. But yes, they mostly prefer to talk to MBAs that too from top schools, we are talking Ivy League Colleges here.

In many cases, even that fails. So it is much advisable for people to first procure a top-class degree and then ensue in their careers. Simultaneously, one needs to enrol for a top-notch certification in private equity. A growing trend clearly tells the shift that people are making with the help of these online courses. The United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) for example, is one of the premier institutes which have their gates open for interested candidates in the world of finance. With their credentials, a Certified Private Equity Professional & a Senior Private Equity Professional, professionals can ease past the entries which are otherwise barred for even the most talented professionals. Applying and registering for the same is very simple. Training kits could be availed upon making the payment to prepare for exams. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the curriculum which has been prepared after years of consultation with industry experts.