Examples of web-applications written in ReactJS


Reactjs is an awesome framework for building large scale robust apps. There are plenty of applications on the web from which you can learn to build React apps but it’s easier if you find information about some good applications in one place. So in this article I will share examples of applications written in Reactjs.

Todo App is a good application built using a java-script framework, because it involves lots of dynamic events. Many dynamic functionalities can easily be achieved with a good java-script framework like Reactjs. Here is a good example of the Todo App built purely using Reactjs:


You can even download the complete source code for this app here:


If you are interested in learning how to build apps by combining React with backbone then you can check this link:


You can download the source code for the same here:


Shopping cart is another type of application that works well if its functionality is dynamic. A non-dynamic shopping cart will have to refresh the whole page to show the change in status and values. Here you can see a simple dynamic shopping cart built with Reactjs and flux:

https://scotch.io/tutorials/creating-a-simple-shopping-cart-with-react-js-and-flux .

It dynamically changes the price when selecting options for a product. Also functionality like adding items to cart, removing items from cart and displaying the number of items are completely dynamic. Apart from React this cart uses other technologies like Browesify, Reactify, flux, undescore etc.

If you are a client server technology fan then you will love this realtime twitter stream app built with node and Reactjs.You can check this app here:


This application is built in React with Isomorphic-javascript. Isomorphic-javascript is a technology which can run both on client side and server side. It fetches tweets using ntwitter which is a node library for twitter API. It also uses other node technologies such as Express, Handlebars and socket.io.

The above three applications will give you a good starting point to build your own React app. It will also give you exposure to other technologies which can be used with React.