Ditch the Axe for Klenskin


Fella’s, you’ve been on fire lately in the style world. You’ve trademarked some great hair and clothing trends, and you can be assured the girls are all taking notice of your efforts in the style department, but don’t stop there! Continue to impress the stilettos off them with an up-to-date skincare regimen by introducing Klenskin into your daily routine.

Klenskin is a three-in-one product that functions as a shampoo, body and face wash, that just so happens to be sunscreen as well. That’s right, you can cleanse and protect your skin all without having to step out of the shower! Klenskin comes in a convenient bar or shower gel formula, and in either fragrance-free or lightly scented options. You’re probably having to deal with overpowering, and less than ideal body wash scents. With Klenskin, you can take charge of your skin health like a man.

Let’s get real for a minute, guys. Melanoma, the most fatal skin cancer, often goes unnoticed in men, resulting in 60 percent of deaths. Your female counterparts are much more active in protecting their skin from the sun, with SPF being present in many products aimed towards women, so it’s high time the boys take notice of our initiative and get their skin in shape! Klenskin is every man’s answer to consistent protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, just take a shower in the morning and you’re protected.

Klenskin luxuriously lathers into a creamy formula that bonds to the skin to create a barrier from the sun. In less than 5 minutes your skin is moisturized and protected from serious damage. When your lady friend takes a step into your shower she’ll be blown away by your minimalist décor of a single bottle of Klenskin, and even more impressed that you take the initiative to protect your skin.

Other products can smell of musk and spice or arctic ice, but Klenskin only leaves behind the crisp and refreshing scent of a man who’s taking care of himself on a daily basis. A man that’s really on top of everything.

Klenskin can be used by both you and your (potential) girlfriend. Even a quick wash of Klenskin over the exposed parts of your body will cover you, so you can take that long morning walk to your favorite coffee spot. Don’t go unprotected, and find out which Klenskin product is for you in their online store at- http://www.klenskin.com/.


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