Chinese Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Chinese Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine is the packaging solution for clients, who looking for reliable packaging machine with flexibility to packaging goal,

Easy operation, installation and save cost in labour and packaging material. This machine smoothly conveys box or bags on the pallet to the packing position and

Start to packaging process automatically according setting. It can finish bag packaging, convey the product to wrapper, and moves it away automatically. It is capable in providing the flexibility

Packaging and wrapping. The program function is adjustable and changeable per need.

to plastic, paper box, glass, aluminium, bags, steel coil, and any kind of products packaging and stacking with pallet size. It can automatically remove and stacking the package for next package.

The realizable machine is possible make the package more firm and stable.


Top performance is guaranteed by the Model FHOPE-2000 with rugged design and quality production which ensure gentle conveyor and quiet packing.

All working steps can be finished automatically, such as pallet loading, packaging material feeding, length calculation, stretch wrapping, packaging material (for film) cutting,

Package smoothing, conveying pallet package.

Separate control panel makes maintenance easily for stretch wrapper. FHOPE-2000 rotate arm wrapping machine is designed for packing goods

on the stack with PE stretch wrapping film. It is equipment with excellent design and market proved in coil and bag packaging. Through the wrapping, the goods will keep in a

good condition without any damage.

Expert Engineering is for Superior Performance per your need. And long term service and technical support in lift time.

FHOPE packaging manufactures a national approved vertical conveyor zed band sealer which is for sealing plastic pouches and bags with high speed. Our packaging machinery is predicted

Specifically for your unique packaging requirement and application. Every component of packaging line is designed to run smoothly, reliable and require a minimum of maintenance.

With over 16 years of successful designing and packaging experience, our high quality machinery is proudly made in China and enjoys very high honours.

Vertical Conveyor zed Sealing Systems

The ideal and good choice for some products is packaged in bags for protecting and good looking. Because of it can be sealed in an upright position, all goods well bag and dusts prove. Model FHOPE2100-A includes a bag top holder,

Vacuum scrap removal device, wrapper, automatic control motor driving device, positioning device, and special lower frame roller conveyor for easy loading and unloading. Function upgrade options and required components are available

Such as a stainless steel structure and frame or an encoder. Packaging line models are perfect meet for pouches and bag packaging requirement.

Model FHOPE2100 is supplied with verification ports for process validation of pressure, speed, and temperature which can compress separately.

Simple, Clean and effective Automatic coil Packaging line Systems

Speedy Bag Packagers and wrapper are designed for quickly and easy product filling, putting goods into pre-made bags. Topside bag sealers is able change according size which are configured

For versatility with smaller products and light weight packaging requirement. Vertical form is good for fill-seal bagging/pouching, which is packaging method working around the work per bag. It chooses centre-folded PE film/POF on a roll to bag making. Packaging machine reloading is easily.