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Personal Beauty in your Hands – Cool Coffee Mugs

People carry lots of things around. Jewelry like a locket can keep images of loved ones. Clothes can have pictures or patches that mean something to you. Your keychain can have a lot to say about who you are, and

AiMAD is located in the heart of Hollywood Media Center

AiMAD guarantees its students a comprehensive curriculum that will thoroughly prepare graduates for a career in the global beauty industry, including but not limited to: Commercial Print & Media, Stage, Film, Television, High Fashion and Visual Arts. Students will gain – luxurious children’s fashion since 1985

NICKI’S is not only an online shop for children’s fashion but a company with a tradition reaching back to 1985. Elke Bachstädt founded NICKI’ in 1985 at Tegernsee lake, which is a beautiful travel destination for people all over the

Shohreh Rahmani Is the Future of Customized Couture


Like everything in the world, fashion is ever changing. Styles that were once popular have resurfaced and innovated while new trends are created on almost a weekly basis. With the continuing cycle of fast fashion and the consistent innovations of

Showing Gratitude for Monek Fashions


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as people are gearing up to travel and be around friends and family the last thing someone wants to think about is what they are going to wear during the week leading up

Shoppers “Sales Rack Quick Tips” in The Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine- Fall 2016 Issue

Dr. Keshia Gaines Magazine

According to Dr. Keshia Gaines’s latest magazine issue, shoppers should “attack the sales rack” to find good bargains. It’s Fall and Fall Fashions are back on the rack.  How do you shop and get you look for less? Celebrity author, Is the First Seamless Social Shopping Experience


Where does your personal style inspiration come from? With the rise of fashion and beauty vloggers willing to spill their secrets, like the products they can’t live without, essential makeup hacks, style advice for every occasion, and more, it’s easier

Tips To Select For the Correct Waist Training Corset


Do you requisite to purchase a waist training corset? It is not as hard as this was a few years back. Currently, you don’t requisite to be at the store personally. All you requisite to do are sitting at your, a highly-curated, socially-conscious lifestyle brand that blends California

Growing up in small town Texas and for now a California girl, Amanda Mills was born in Dallas and raised in Houston. Amanda grew up playing with the animals on her family’s ranch and designing her own dresses, enlisting the

The Top 5 Designer Fashion Brands


When you are thinking about fashion, you are probably thinking about a certain style of the wardrobe or the shoes, or such thing alike. However, fashion in a multi-billionaire industry that is full of charm and appeal. If you wear

Two Designers to Watch Right Now

With the return of romantic fashion this fall, two designers are particularly equipped to take the current variety of rich colors, luxurious textures, and bold shapes to their stunning extremes—Antonio Marras and ISOLDA. Using beautifully crafted materials and bold constructions,

Intensify Your Fall Makeup Look With Vaniteux Lashes

In contrast to the dewy, fresh face of summer, fall’s favorite makeup look has a darker, sultrier appeal. Vampy, dark-berry lips and the ultimate smoky eye reflect all of the romance and drama hitting runways this upcoming season. While you

Causes Why You Requisite the Help of A cheapest taobao agent

Taobao is a behemoth Chinese client-to-client e-commerce platform anywhere you might purchase an enormous diversity of products at extremely low standards. You might pick up a big number of valuable in adding to beautiful products for instance clothes, accessories, electronic

Effective Usage of Gems in Astrology

Fashion and Astrology

Astrology commends gemstones on the base of the state of planets in an individual’s birth chart. The wonderful body that rules pearl is the Moon however Cancer is the symbol for the pearl in Zodiac. The moon is measured as