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The History Of Therapeutic Massage

The history of massage can be traced back to Chinese texts from 2700 BCE. “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” was not published in English until 1949 but it is still a staple in massage training schools. Egypt

Ditch the Axe for Klenskin


Fella’s, you’ve been on fire lately in the style world. You’ve trademarked some great hair and clothing trends, and you can be assured the girls are all taking notice of your efforts in the style department, but don’t stop there!

Dead Sea Skin Care in NZ

Dead Sea Skin Care in NZ

With over twenty years expertise within the Beauty medical aid business, I actually have had the chance to use and take a look at a variety of skin care product, not solely on myself however on my shoppers. I actually

Secrets of the Ocean for Nutrient Your Skin

Ocean for Skin

It’s a well-known verse that the sweetness of a soul manifests through their soul & skin. Let’s face it – everybody needs to possess a glowing, soft & supple skin that continues to be nourished all day long even with