Best Methods for Preparing QR Codes for T-Shirts, Embroidering and Brochures

generate QR Code

The world has come a long way in terms of technological progression. Today, more everyone is drawn towards technically advanced gadgets with the use of intelligent devices rising hugely. According to studies, more than 70% of the US population is using smartphones. Many individuals rely on their mobile phones to meet their everyday needs. This has seen a rise in the use of QR Codes. If you are wondering what QR Codes are, simply 2D matrix codes that work in the same concept as barcode symbols. To be able to use QR Codes, one needs to develop one using a QR Code generator to generate QR Code. There are numerous internet resources offering QR Code generators. This can ensure it is complicated when you need to look for the most suitable creator to develop your QR Codes.

How to look for the best QR Code generator

In to ensure you take advantage of ideal QR Codes, there are several factors you need to consider when choosing QR Code generators. These include:


In purchase for making adequate use of QR Codes, you need a generator that could create QR Code in a matter of seconds. This enables you to develop quick codes and the capability for making many of them in a short time period.

Code dimension variability

It is important to go for a QR Code generator that allows you are making different sizes of QR Codes. It should provide you with the option of reducing or enhancing a standard dimension QR Code.

Codes re-direction  

A good creator should provide you with the capability to change the links on the code without creating a new code.

Planning the Application

First, ensure that that there is real value in the planned online web link, and do not print a QR Code on your leaflet, card, or custom t-shirt because it is the newest fad. What is your objective in connecting to web content? Are you trying to offer more specific item details than can fit on a store shelf tag? Are you trying to offer a connection to a website that is often modified with the newest details, such as stock or pricing? Are you connecting to a cellular marketplace, so the customer can download an application?

Secondly, ensure that that the website you are connecting to is enhanced for cellular use. Since the customer will be using a smartphone to connect to the details, it needs to be enhanced for cell mobile phones. If your website is not enhanced for cellular, it may be better to web link to a website that is naturally cellular friendly, such as your Search engines Places account or your Fan page.

Developing the Code

Fortunately, the high quality QR Code can be prepared free on websites such as Simply insert your URL or web link into the QR Code generator, and it is made.

If you have an especially long URL or want to print on a little area, you will get better outcomes by using a URL shortened such as to pack the web link prior to preparing the code. The shortened makes a shorter web link, which leads to a cleaner less complex code that preserves its resolution at more compact sizes.

What else can QR Codes do for better QR Code campaigns?

Other than the company, QR Codes have also been used somewhere else like:

  • Near traditional monuments: when examined, they give you past the monument.
  • On gravestones: the QR Code here normally has past the dead and, at times, might be associated with images and video clips taken when the dead were in existence.
  • On t-shirts: when printed on t-shirts they could be having public networking information of the person wearing them. They could also divert you to a website upon checking.

Finally, always analyze the code to ensure that it tests before you go into production or generate QR Code. It is a wise decision to analyze with both iPhone and Android operating system mobile phones or QR Code visitors just to be sure.