Benefits of Sumo


Perhaps you might wonder why those 400-pound sumo wrestlers don’t usually suffer from heart disease and diabetes. If you have watched a sumo wrestling match, you might be fascinated with the players. The game has simple rules, which is almost childish in nature. There are two (2) wrestlers facing each other in a circle. The sumo wrestlers will push and shove each other, attempting to have the opponent step outside the boundary of the circle.

The history of sumo goes back several hundreds of years in Japan. It is a huge part of their culture and it is rooted in their ancient religious rituals. Sumo is like the classic Greek Olympic Games, which are part of the ancient people’s ritual.

When fighting, the two sumo wrestlers get into the arena and launch into an intricate dance bowing. They embrace each other. Unlike boxing, the players don’t throw solid punches; instead, they display respect and do archaic rituals.

If it’s your first time to watch a sumo match, you might get impatient, wondering why they take so much time doing some rituals. Actually, these rituals carry a very significant meaning to modern Japanese spectators just like their ancestors. They believe in the philosophy of being civil to each other. If ever a player disregards the rituals and respect, he will surely receive disapproval from the audience.

You might also wonder what awaits these obese athletes when their career is over. Will they get Type 2 diabetes or will they be affected with heart disease? To correct the common beliefs, sumo wrestlers are not fat slobs, they just belong to the fat category. In the field of medicine, they are classified as morbidly obese. But there is nothing morbid about them. They possess enormous power.

Aside from a rigorous exercise routine, sumo wrestlers follow a diet plan especially designed for them. They eat the right food and regularly take supplements and vitamins to help them maintain their big figures and get rid of some potential health problems. Supplements containing curcumin help these athletes deal with pain naturally. They usually opt for things that are 100% natural.

Sumo wrestlers are typically recruited from several Japanese villages by scouts. Usually they come from the countryside and are extremely fit, young farm boys. The scouts bring them to the big city and put them in gruelling physical training harder than the Marines training.

JAMA or the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article from the University of South Carolina scientists about sumo wrestlers. They looked into the issue of fatness (adiposity) vs. cardiorespiratory fitness as factors of deaths.

The 12-year old study yield results indicating that American adults over 60 years old, who are into cardiovascular activities were living longer than those who engaged in lesser exercise, even they had the similar amount of body fat.

The study shows that the amount of body fat won’t hinder people from living longer as long as they engage in cardiorespiratory fitness. This study said that fitness is a relevant mortality predictor in older adults. Physical activities should be part of the regular routine of people to improve the functional capacity of the human body.

Even if the sumo wrestlers are fat, they are very fit. They follow strict cardiorespiratory fitness training. Sumo wrestlers have low cholesterol and low insulin resistance. They also have low triglycerides level. Their fats are stored on the outside, under the skin. Because they regularly exercise, they manage to stay healthy even if they weigh very heavy.