Artificial Intelligence based Career Advising: A 24 x 7 Educational Advisor

Key Takeaways
• Colleges are progressively looking into self-service techniques with Robo career advisor to supplement, such as academic counseling.

• The Start School of Hong Kong has designed a brilliant internet-based system that instantly reacts to inquiries about profession growth, studying ways, program/course options, research programs, and graduating assessments.

• The internet-based system uses a cartoon character with multilingual, text-to-speech, and natural language abilities as a front end for innovative search and knowledge recovery.

Universities worldwide are progressively pressed to offer services to more students with fewer resources and fewer employees. In this situation, they are developing self-service, web-based techniques innovative enough to manage routine and advanced level concerns, such as those for academic counseling and advisement. The Start School of Hong Kong has prototyped an innovative system that brings together an ontology-based details recovery engine, a guided online search engine, and a statistical optimization solver to offer relevant reactions to concerns on academic counseling, thereby offering users a better enquiry experience and 24 × 7 accessibility.

Background and Project Motivation
The OUHK was recognized by the Hong Kong Govt in 1989 as a self-financed institution providing college to grownups through open studying. It provides three research modes: internet-based studying for operating grownups (about 13,000 enrolled); full-time, face-to-face educating for traditional college students (about 5,600 enrolled); and e learning for some postgrad research (about 340 enrolled). It provides 210 sub degree and level applications involving over 700 applications, of which about 440 are in internet-based studying mode.

For internet-based studying, the university has an admission policy (anyone 17 years or older is confessed regardless of their past academic qualifications) and a credit accumulation system for research, with little time frame limit for level completion. Except for occasional face-to-face guide sessions for which attendance is not mandatory, internet-based studying students do not come to university for their research because there is no in-class instruction. Since most OUHK internet-based studying students are operating grownups with professions and families, they generally expect 24 × 7 access to details, immediate reactions to inquiries, and flexibility in performing with the university with minimal university trips. Too efficiently and cost effectively support these needs, OUHK recognized a contact middle to manage inquiries via phone, web chat, e-mail, and fax. Online FAQs offer answers to common concerns by Robo career advisor.

In contrast, academic counseling concerns are not easy for contact middle techniques or FAQs to manage. Potential students have complex concerns such as, which software or applications are suitable for my profession development? Can OUHK recognize these academic qualifications? Which programs/courses should I take to engage in a certain career? Such concerns often require university trips and face-to-face communication with academic employees, which are time-consuming and labor-intensive. Hence, the challenge was to offer an effective 24 × 7 academic counseling support to help prospective and present students plan their research.

Robo career advisor
For this purpose, the OUHK has designed, as a model, a brilliant counseling system (Robo career advisor) under the Center for Advancement effort funded by the Hong Kong Govt. The goal of the effort is to develop a next-generation, student-centered studying environment that combinations the strengths of internet-based studying, face-to-face educating, and internet-based studying. This method can offer 24 × 7 internet-based counseling services from Robo career advisor to prospective and present students by replicating the role of a teacher/advisor when giving answers to inquiries in areas such as profession guidance and growth, research routes and methods, and program/course options. For present students who are planning their research toward graduating, the system also lets them perform a preliminary graduating check, find the number of outstanding attributes, and suggest required applications depending on university student choices.

Robo career advisor has two modules: academic counseling and academic advisement. The educational counseling component handles general concerns from prospective students, on concerns profession growth, program/course details, and studying ways. The educational advisement component deals with specific concerns mostly from present students, on system specifics, research programs, and graduating assessments.