AiMAD is located in the heart of Hollywood Media Center

AiMAD guarantees its students a comprehensive curriculum that will thoroughly prepare graduates for a career in the global beauty industry, including but not limited to: Commercial Print & Media, Stage, Film, Television, High Fashion and Visual Arts.

Students will gain the necessary creative leadership skills imperative for a career in this high-demand field. Areas covered include an extensive knowledge of cosmetic application and makeup artistry, critical thinking, lessons on ethical decision-making, how to most effectively communicate with a vast array of demanding personality types and how to set up your own business.

We provide a fast-paced and exciting program that is the ultimate first-step towards a career in the beauty-specific side of the entertainment industry. If you’re willing to do the hard work, we’re willing to support you and help you accomplish your goals.

AiMAD is a full-service entrepreneurship school located in the heart of Hollywood in the Hollywood Media Center inside the Television Center building, which used to be Technicolor Studios. We combine professional makeup artistry with business school, not only teaching you the craft, but also how to sell yourself as a business person in your field so that you can start working immediately and earn a substantial living.

Our Artistry Programs include a Beauty & Fashion Makeup Artist Program; a Film & Media Makeup Artist Program; Body Painting and Airbrushing for Film, Stage & Fashion; Hair Styling for Makeup Artists; a Fashion Lab; Portfolio Photo Sessions and optional work trips to Worlds’ fashion capitals like Paris, Milan & London, etc. to ensure that you have a topnotch fashion/makeup artist portfolio upon graduation as you enter the workforce.

In addition, upon completion of the full program, AiMAD will prepare business cards and a website for you that will include all of your work, including photo sessions with professional models and photographers catered to the fashion, commercial and film industries.

Our Business Classes will teach you how to write a resume, as well as how to write a bio and mission statement for your website (Writing for Business 101). We will guide you step-by-step on how to navigate your options working in film/TV, commercials, cosmetic/fashion companies, freelancing, becoming a part of a makeup artist agency and how to join the makeup artist union.

Additional classes include: Marketing & Advertising for Beauty Professionals – a course on how to analyze and understand your customer base with demographics and social status, where to sell and who to sell products and services to, learning about image-making, self-image, product & company image, marketing techniques and Social Media Marketing; Salesmanship – this course focuses on how to sell and close deals; Entrepreneurship – how to set up a business, get a business license & insurance/taxation and how to create an invoice.