5 Important Considerations For Choosing the Best Sauna Heater

There are so many matters that one has to take into considerations while deciding what kind of sauna heater to choose. No matter it is for personal or for business use, if you know these important considerations, you can buy the best heater for your sauna. There are many varieties available when it comes to choose a sauna heater for your business or personal use. The considerations to buy sauna heater include, but not limited to –mounting, stones, controls, and steam generator.

  • Mounting:

Sauna heaters are typically available in two varieties – wall mounting and free-standing. You can choose the small heaters that are usually mounted to the wall. At the same time, the larger heaters are free standing. The large sauna heaters are generally placed on the floor, at a corner of the sauna unit. You can choose among these two types of sauna heaters according to the space available in your sauna unit. You also need to think about the place where you are going to install the heater. In circumstances, larger sauna heaters can also be mounted on the wall.

  • Rock Capacity:

While deciding about the rock capacity of your sauna heater, you need to keep the size of your sauna room in your mind. Remember, not every sauna heater has the ability to hold the same amount of rocks. Depending on their capacity, sauna heaters can be able to hold rocks between 25lb to as much as 70lb. The larger the sauna, the more rocks you will require. Hence, you need to take the size of the sauna into considerations before you even make the purchase of a heater. The steam a sauna can generate usually depends on the amount of rocks the heater contains.

  • Function of a Sauna:

The chief function of a sauna heater is to produce steam. The steam actually causes a person to sweat inside the sauna. Sweating is considered good for both the skin as well as the immune system of an individual. When you switch on a sauna heater, it produces steam as the rocks become very hot and water is being poured on the hot rocks. You can also purchase sauna that already have installed steam generators, where a water supply is directly connected and poured over the rocks periodically. As a result steam is produced. However, there are sauna heaters where you need to pour water over the rocks. In this instance, you will have a control over the amount of steam produced.

  • Controls:

Controls are available with sauna heater that enables the user to manage the heat of the sauna. Controls can be mounted on the wall or in the heater itself. Sauna heaters with separate controls are popular among people since it prevents accidents such as burns and scalds from occurring when dealing with sauna heater.

  • Size of Sauna:

Size of sauna is another important consideration that you need to keep in mind. The size of your sauna will determine whether you require a wall mounted heater or free standing. The size of the sauna will also decide whether the control for the heater should be apart from it.

Keeping in mind these above considerations will ensure that you make the best investment with minimum hassle.