3 Best UK VPN Services That Fit your Needs


VPN- Virtual Private Networks are the great source to provide an encrypted tunnel running across the public internet. Hiding your online identity and leveraging you free o bypass, he will restrict filter in order to catch your favorite movie, show and news channel additional security is highly essential to stay safe and find out the best. Secure encryption is required to secure your corporate and personal data from ISPs, snoopers by keeping your identity anonymous. If you are in search to browse the websites worldwide, sharing files, socializing, live video streaming irrespective of the restrictions and locations, some of the best UK VPNs are significant source to facilitate you for the online streaming.

You found this article during the search of browsing internet with anonymous identity or you need to access the websites which are not available within the location or are restricted to geographical locations. The article list down is a tested solutions of the UK VPN service providers for your safe browsing. Read to pick out the best UK VPN server available within your region. Click here to find more about VPN.

How to select the right one?

To select the one which fits the best in your criteria, initially check out the peer reviews, price, speed and availability from the service providers.


Once you install VPN service, your internet speed then rely on the server of the VPN service provider, A VPN installation will cause a little slow downloading and uploading speed. To test this, we connect our VPN service using Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections and the average speed we got was, the higher the percentage, the better protection we found.


To choose the right VPN service using unlimited usage, a variety of geographical locations, you need to pay a bit in between £3 and £6 per month for the UK VPN providers.


The most legally-dubious use of VPN is to get around a geographical locked content. A good variety of servers in UK and US locations are highly essential in order to help other Europeans and Asian locations.

Ease of Set-Up:

A good VPN is always a silent VPN which has to be faster and more inconspicuous in use more than any other app.

Private Internet Access:

Private Internet Access holds positive reviews across the internet due to its fast service, genuine cost along with a list of compatible platforms. 

  • Cost:£4.18/month
  • Compatible Platforms:OS X, Windows, Android, iOS, DD-WRT, Tomato
  • Speed:Average 51.66 per cent of non-VPN speed
  • Location:Multiple UK and US, Canada, Switzerland and many others.

2. ProXPN 

ProXPN is a bit expensive than some available UK VPN apps.  ProXPN offers a few fancy features and in order to ensure perfect privacy, it has the option to automatically close the programs in case if the VPN connection drops.

the speed got through the VPN was quite variable and sometimes, there would be barely no difference to the non-VPN speeds while web surfing, downloading and streaming.

  • Cost:£6.01/ month
  • Compatible Platform:OS X, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Speed:Average 54.31 per cent of non-VPN connection
  • Location:Multiple US and UK, other European and Asian

3. Hotspot Shield:

One of the iconic names in UK VPNs, Hotspot Shield has been recognized to be the most uniquely active UK VPN service.  It thrives off its ad-supported VPN service, or for more effective service, you can access its ad-free version. The fastest and the cheapest service among all VPN services.

  • Cost:£3.00
  • Compatible Platform:OS X, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Speed:89 per cent of non-VPN connection
  • Location:US, UK and Australia