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In my own hands: The final decision

Belinda, a primary school dinner lady’s life spiralled out of control during the court hearing. Her only son, Stuart, had been dealing with his very first murder case, which has turned into a disaster. Unexpectedly, Belinda has to sort a

Backpack Keeps Your Precious Tech Secure

In a world where having something stolen right out of your backpack isn’t exactly uncommon, a Swedish company with a Hong Kong connection has come up with a product that can help combat theft of your electronics and other valuable goods. As

Overview of the Website privacy policy

A website privacy policy helps construct trust in your website as well as confirms your visitor’s personal statistics is protected. Use this upfront privacy policy pattern for any blog, e-commerce, chatroom otherwise other website that enquires users to disclose individual

How Essential Is the Forklift Training?

Forklift Training

Forklifts are popular in the industries where heavy goods or materials have to be picked and moved. This technology has experienced tremendous innovations in past few years. There are ample services that offer renting the machine and offer operators as