Nightlife in Dubai Creates a Memorable Experience


Nightlife in Dubai creates an amazing scene for visitors and residents. With a wide range of clubs, lounges, restaurant and movie theatres, life within the city becomes a mixture of entertainment and extravagance.

Where to Enjoy Nightlife

In a region where there are strict laws concerning alcoholic beverages, most of the bars in the area operate in hotels apart from a few exceptions. All nightclubs are required to close by 3.00 a.m. and do not sell alcohol to those under the age of 21 yrs. Some prestigious clubs and other joint increase the age limit to 25 while others refuse entry to any party not accompanied by at least one lady. Here is a number of the famous joints in the town and the range of activities they have on offer.

Apartment lounge – Located inside Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the club offers a variety of music through-out the week for the revelers.  Hip Hop, Latin, R&B are among the common genres Thursdays and Fridays feature Funky House beats. This is alongside offering free drinks to ladies before midnight.

Barasti Bar – located at the Meriden Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina, is among the top bars by the seaside. The bar offers an ideal relaxation point where visitors get an opportunity to enjoy hot afternoons with a cool drink and breeze from the sea. It’s indoors offer a different setting where the local DJ entertain revelers to a variety of music.

Kasbar – this is a Moroccan themed venue located at the Royal Mirage Hotel. It features some of the hottest DJs in Dubai where revelers are entertained to both local and international music in addition to a range of traditional events. The bar features three levels with terraces overlooking the dance floor.

Chi @ The Lounge – this is a known as the young generation club. It greatly features Hip Hop, funk and house nights which is very popular among the youngsters. Located at Al Nasr Leisure-land near the American hospital, the club has four main rooms, an outdoor dance area and a VIP room that can only be accessed through reservations.

Boudoir Nightclub – nightlife in Dubai is never complete without a taste of this great spot located at Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa Jumeirah Rd. It is a Lebanese spot who form the large part of the revelers to the club. Among its outstanding features is offering of free drinks to ladies on the ladies night and stopping of music when a new champagne bottle is brought to the table.

For tourists seeking the best of Nightlife in Dubai, there are a few things that one is required to remember. Among them is the fact that weekends comprise of Thursdays and Fridays. Tuesdays are marked as ladies night with most of the clubs offering free drinks to ladies. And finally, drunk driving is totally prohibited and punishable under the law.


Despite the tough Arabian rules in parting, there are a variety of establishments offering highly entertaining night-life in Dubai. Being a recognized global business destination, Dubai is slowly embracing other cultures with intent to create a more hospitable atmosphere for its tourists. Nightlife in Dubai offers a mix of these cultures alongside a great show of their traditional heritage.